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Introducing Slammin' SlamPig Cocktails

A truly refined beverage, SWINE-SPECIALLY crafted to please any palette! After all, the founding Slam Pig Swiners are sophisticated and cultured mammals ~ don’t let their bristly skin and long snouts fool you!! 

  • Black Cherry Slampig

  • Huckleberry Slampig

  • Lemon-Lime Slampig

Berkshire Black Cherry

Lemonade Cocktail

Berkshire Black Cherry was SWINE-SPECIALLY formulated to combine the rare and pugnacious flavor of the English Berkshire pig with the sweet robust flavor of the black cherry. Berkshire Black Cherry is a contradictory party of flavors for your taste buds. Unsophisticated English inspiration, you say? Of course not!!!

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Yorkshire Lemon


Yorkshire Lemon Limeade was SWINE-SPECIALLY developed to emulate the tangy lemon flavor found in sophisticated English society.

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Hampshire Huckleberry


Hampshire Huckleberry Lemonade combines the sour lusciousness of lemonade with the robust flavor of the huckleberry, all the while channeling its inner English Hampshire pig for strength and virility.

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Skip the glass bottles and cans! 

This ready-to-drink, non breakable, eco-friendly pouch is perfect for on-the-go. Take a SlamPig Cocktail with you wherever you go! 

Enjoy SlamPig anywhere!

And remember...

SLAM! Don't Sip.